Dr. James Lawrence Thill is a Chiropractic Physician and Medical Care Coordinator in the greater Chicago land area since 2000.

“I focus on natural pain reduction with alternative therapies. My goal is to help patients obtain structural, chemical, and mental well being.  I posses a calm and balanced approach which assures patients that they are receiving the best possible care.

The office environment allows patients to feel welcome and at ease. I have a passion for helping people make informed decisions about  treatment options, and working together to figure out how some lifestlye modifications in your daily routine can help to decrease your symptoms and avoid future episodes.”

I invite all of  your  health related questions and will do my very best to guide you on your journey to wellness. I ask in return that you take an active roll in your health care and make a conscious effort to modify some of your daily habits, drink more water, take your supplements, continue your therapy as advised and work on your home exercise program to achieve your goals.


About Dr. Thill

Dr. James Lawrence Thill, D.C. grew up in Park Ridge, IL. Earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Sciences 1997 &  Doctorate Degree from the National University of Health Sciences in 1999.

“I first experienced the power of chiropractic when i was in the seventh grade. I suffered from headaches and stomachache several days a week for most of my childhood. After meeting with several medical specialist they all agreed that I was fine; all of my lab results were within normal ranges, and imaging studies found no abnormalities. I was living in a haze and taking medication on a daily basis to get by.

I was at a friend’s after school one day and his father a chiropractor, explained how he had helped many people with similar symptoms and that I should schedule an appointment for an evaluation.  It took a few weeks to convince my mother that chiropractic may be the answer to my problems. On my initial visit the doctor explained that if I have my ailments several days a week, that it must be related to my diet and probable daily exposure to some environmental toxins. The doctor ordered some blood allergy tests, and then explained that there was pressure being put on some nerves in my body which inhibited them from functioning properly. When the lab results came in the doctor advised that I purchase an air purifier, change my diet, and continue to receive regular chiropractic adjustments.

With in a few months I went from sniffling, sneezing, always sick, and unable to focus: to feeling great, and being able to think more clearly with less effort. Throughout my high-school and college athletic career, chiropractic allowed me to perform better and to heal from injuries in half the time. Chiropractic had just become a way of life for me, and that is when i realized my purpose was to help as many people as I could, to feel the natural benefits of chiropractic.”


Staff Physician Saint Alexuis Medical Center in Hoffman Estates 2002
Treating Physician Lasalle Bank Open Golf Tournament 2003-2007
Treating Physician of several National Hot Rod Association Drivers

Hobbies & Interests

In my free time I enjoy visiting patients in a local hospital with my certified therapy dog Jedi. Going to local high school sporting events to support my patients and fellow Maine South Hawks. Daily exercise or yoga classes, golfing, hiking and biking in the woods, stand up paddle boarding, making fresh juice, thinking about my next meal while eating the current meal,  spending time with my friends and family.